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Payroll Models that
Comply with Regulations
For Temporary Staffing Companies

Comprehensive Range of Payroll Solutions for Agencies

Tookith Recruits Ltd presents a comprehensive range of outsourced payroll options, offering agencies a versatile solution that caters to the diverse requirements of both their contractors and end-user clients. Recognizing the dynamic growth and evolution of the contracting sector, we acknowledge the emergence of various payroll models tailored to the complexities of different sectors, industries, and employment arrangements. Our business proposition emphasizes providing agencies with an all-encompassing ‘one-stop shop’ facility to streamline every aspect of the outsourced payroll process.

Our fully accredited payroll solutions encompass standard umbrella, PAYE, and joint employment models. Additionally, we extend a complete suite of financial and accounting services tailored for self-employed contractors operating through their own limited companies.

Standard Umbrella

Our umbrella payroll model continues to be the industry's top choice for its simplicity and convenience. By choosing Tookith Recruits Ltd to handle payroll, contractors enjoy all the benefits and entitlements of employment. Agencies are absolved of any risk or liability as we take on the role of the contractor's employer. Submitting timesheets and data files on time is all agencies need to do to ensure contractors receive accurate and timely payments.

Collaborative Employment Structures

Supply chain configurations have become increasingly complex, leading to a rise in Joint Employment arrangements. These arrangements involve sharing contractor responsibilities between the recruitment agency Tookith Recruits Ltd and the end-user client. This model is commonly used in the health and social care sectors to offer flexibility while ensuring comprehensive employment rights and entitlements for workers.

Regular PAYE Employment

Our PAYE model provides contractors with the same employment rights, statutory benefits, and flexible holiday and pension options as permanent employees. In fact, during their assignment, these contractors are considered full-fledged employees of our organization. Our commitment to treating all of our workers with the utmost respect and fairness is at the heart of everything we do.
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